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Below is all the important info you’ll need during your senior year.

Your senior class advisor is Ms Benya-Zwald/email at [email protected], located in room B207.

Senior Graduation

Senior Graduation will take place sometime in the afternoon on June 4th. More details soon to be added!

The Senior Council

Look out for your class representatives and see them if you have questions or suggestions!

Class of 2020 Officers
President: Aaron Miller
Vice President: Madizza Bundy
Treasurer: JaNya Brown
Financial Secretary: Jordan Davis
Historian: Jada Armstrong
Chief of Staff: Nick Novak
Communications Officer: Asia Stovall

Graduation announcements

Graduation announcements ordered through Josten’s will be available for pickup in the spring in the cafeteria during all lunches.

Senior Award Ceremony

The senior award ceremony is scheduled for To Be Determined

where awards and cords will be presented to eligible seniors. Dress nicely and be on time!

College & Career Spirit Day

As graduating seniors, we’ll be moving onto a new chapter in our lives after we walk across the stage in June. Some seniors will go directly to two- or four-year post-secondary education. Others will go to trade school or enter directly into the workforce. Others still will join the armed forces or take time off after graduating high school. Whatever your plans are for after high school or even if you have none at all, college and career day is an opportunity to show your peers your plans and aspirations. Show off your school or career pride and wear spirit wear or attire to represent your future.

College and Career spirit day will be (to be scheduled), the deadline for most college acceptance/commitments.


This year’s Prom will be on May 8 at the BWI Marriott Hotel. More details will be posted soon.

Seniors’ Last day:

The last day for graduating seniors is May 21, 2020.




Last 4 week policy

Graduating seniors found to be involved with unlawful drugs of any kind– alcohol, drugs, and e-cigs included– will be prohibited from participating in senior activities such as prom and graduation. This includes consumption, distribution, and possession. More information can be found here.

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