The Burrow

Movie-Limited Series Review: When They See Us

January 8, 2021

Imagine staying in jail for over 11 years for a crime that you didn’t commit. Well, Korey Wise did. He along with four other teenage boys were convicted of raping and assaulting of a white female jogger...

The Book Burrow #3: The Illuminae Files

The Book Burrow #3: The Illuminae Files
March 5, 2020

Note: Hi! :D Yes I know it says this was written in February, but due to some scheduling difficulties its posting had to be postponed. Don't worry though, there will still be a March post coming soon!...

The Nun: Does It Exceed Expectations?

January 8, 2020

The Nun: Rated R A gothic horror film is the perfect way to describe Corin Hardy's "The Nun". Included in the 22 million dollar budget film is the spooky tale of unholy secrets and demonic discoveries....

Brightly Burning

Brightly Burning
November 21, 2019

Today we commemorate the first official book-discussion meeting of book club for the 2019/2020 school year! Many students are excited and anticipating the books to come throughout the year, so what better...

Gopher Named National Merit Scholarship Winner

Gopher Named National Merit Scholarship Winner
One of Glen Burnie very own makes it to semifinalists.
November 8, 2019

Every year, there is a competition in which students go head to head in order to obtain a scholarship. This is called the National Merit Scholarship, which rewards the top student with an admission to...

The Book Burrow

The Book Burrow
October 31, 2019

As November begins, the weather grows colder, the nights longer, and school breaks come closer and closer each day... why not crack open a good book to keep you company during the long nights as vacations...

A Doodler’s Dream in the Media Center

A Doodler's Dream in the Media Center
October 8, 2019

Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math? Do you want to get involved in more activities that reflect these interests? Well, you are in lots of luck! There is a new program...

Check Out Fun Kits for Free

October 8, 2019

Attention all students, if you would like to explore your interests in subjects such as Technology, Art, Music, and Science, then the Tinker Totes program is perfect for you! Tinker Totes is a new program...

Tasty Treats: Tteokbokki

June 12, 2019

Food is a major necessity for survival, but people tend to look at it as something much more than just a factor of life. Some of us just love to get our hands onto something delicious! It can also be seen...

The May Movie Review: Harry Potter Series

May 30, 2019

Gophers! It’s almost summer break. A lot of us are going to have a lot of time on our hands. What better way to spend it than watching some amazing movies? The first film in the Harry Potter series,...

Summer 2019 Festivals

May 30, 2019

Summer is around the corner, and I know that you and your family want to visit some places and have fun. Sometimes, some families would get tired of going to the same trite locales like Six Flags and the...

Bubba’s 33 Restaurant Review

March 23, 2019

By Hunter Hardesty and Ben Huntzinger Have you guys heard of Bubba’s 33? Are you looking for a food-service job in a lively setting? Well, Bubba’s 33 might be the perfect restaurant for you. Bubba’s...

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