Staff Stories: Ms. Starr

Staff Stories: Ms. Starr

Eliana Amoh

The Exploration of Health and the Body

February 15, 2022

Ms. Starr is a proud product of Anne Arundel County, moving here when she was seven years old. Growing up in Pasadena, she attended Chesapeake High School. While attending Chesapeake, she enjoyed taking cooking classes. Outside of academics, she was a three sport athlete, but ironically, she didn’t enjoy gym class and took no PE electives.

After high school, Ms. Starr attended Limestone College to play basketball, which she greatly enjoyed. While playing basketball, she was pursuing her online Master’s degree in Exercise Medicine. She recalls the process as very intense as she had to do coursework, teach, and coach basketball. However, she embraced the experience claiming that she works best under pressure. She ended up finishing her Master’s degree in under a year and a half.

From her college experience, she confirmed that she wanted to do something with science and the body, whether it was coaching or something with medicine. That led her to go to Johns Hopkins University for radiology, after graduating from Limestone. During the 18 month long radiology program, she participated in various rotations with hands-on experiences. One of her hands-on experiences included walking into an open heart surgery. She was very nervous about the surgery because she hadn’t read the charts for it, but she still managed to perform her X-ray responsibilities. Though she learned a lot from the specialty, she decided that radiology wasn’t for her. She didn’t enjoy staying in a dark room all day. However, she still applies a lot of the knowledge she obtained to the classes she currently teaches.

She has been in education for 15 years, teaching at Northeast for nine years and teaching at Glen Burnie now for six years. She also worked for the Board of Education where she did data and research for three years but learned that she was not meant for a desk job so she went back to teaching. At Glen Burnie, her favorite class to teach is Sports Medicine. She currently teaches the class and writes the Sports Medicine curriculum for Anne Arundel County. Though the class doesn´t receive much attention, she emphasizes the relevance of it with athletics always evolving and growing. It is also a very broad subject because it deals with everything from how the body works to equipment and prevention. Everyday presents a new lesson. For example, if there was a football injury the night before, the Sports Medicine class can discuss it the next class. As an educator, her main goal for her students is to have her students find and accomplish their own goals and motivations.

Ms. Starr believes that there is enough emphasis on physical wellness. She claims that Glen Burnie offers a large variety of physical education classes for all students to be able to take such as different teams sports classes, different levels of dance classes, walking wellness and stretch your wellness for those who are not sure competitive and strength and conditioning for those who enjoy lifting. With the pandemic, the importance of physical wellness has increased. With the education and teaching that Ms. Starr has done, she’s been able to understand more of the terminology and science that has been involved with the pandemic. She’s also realized the importance of staying active throughout the lockdown. She frequently did engaging activities with her three children around the house. Ms. Starr recommends that even though the pandemic can be very draining, it is important to have the mentality to stay physically active.