Alumni Stories: Carolyn Williams


Eliana Amoh

A Journey of Growth and Exploration

Coming into high school, Carolyn had her mind set on the traditional route to becoming a licensed nurse practitioner. That’s what led her to come to GBHS and enroll in the BMAH (Biomedical Allied Health) program. In her BMAH interview, she described how her inspiration was her grandmother- explaining her grandmother’s illness involving her nervous system and how there is no diagnosis for it. Carolyn quotes “She was really my driving force in wanting to practice medicine.” 

She involved herself in many activities and relationships, here, at GBHS including the bowling team, Student Government Association, and student ambassadors for BMAH. Carolyn highlighted how her love of singing and music also led her to join Vocal Ensemble, her then favorite class. She was a part of two separate chorus classes and the traveling vocal ensemble group. Outside of GBHS she was a part of the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils and served as Board Member for Anne Arundel County in her senior year. She explained that her favorite activity was serving as Board Member for Anne Arundel County where she was able to provide support and leadership for the entire county. Carolyn quotes “I am still in awe of being able to do that because it was an amazing experience.”  She also described her experience at GB pep rallies and stated that they were “always lit.” Along with spending time with her friends outside, she also enjoyed planning it. She also added that prom was a great time for her because she got to dress up. She quotes “As long as you are with a good group of people, especially at GB, you can make any occasion, a great occasion.” 

As a student at Howard, she experienced many events but her favorite is Howard’s homecoming. She describes how she was overwhelmed with the number of Black people when she went to Homecoming her freshman year. She went on to explain the Homecoming week. On Friday, everyone gets ready for the homecoming game and big concerts. On Saturday, the game happens and there’s the tailgate. Carolyn emphasizes the excitement of an HBCU homecoming quoting, “Homecoming is one of the biggest things that you will hear about HBCUs because we do not play.”

As Carolyn continues to grow and mature she explains that adulting isn’t easy. She quotes, “My friends and I always say that we all want to be seventeen again and back at GB together.” But she also states that she is continuously thankful for the opportunities that she has. Her advice to current and future high school students is “Have faith in yourself and surround yourself with people who have that same faith in you.”