Diversity Week 2021 – Student Perspective

Value our differences and strive for inclusion

Indu Bodala, Guest Writer

Diversity to me is the inclusion and celebration of all individuals and their backgrounds. Diversity is also more than just a variety of people, it is upholding the basic principles of respect and it is uniting together against bigotry and ignorance to ensure that every member of our community is feeling safe and included.

Many people in our society wonder why diversity is so important; well, in my eyes, our society and world will be left incompetent and unprogressive without the presence of diversity and the inclusion of all voices.

Diversity introduces many new perspectives and ideologies every day that together make our society successful and progressive; diversity adds color to our bleak world.

Imagine living in a society where only one perspective or voice is heard and valued, that society is no longer a society but a dystopian nightmare where every day is oppressive and monotonous.

In a metaphorical aspect, diversity is the seed that births a beautiful forest filled with dreams and hope for a better tomorrow.

So let’s value our differences and continue to strive for making our GBHS community a more diverse and welcoming place.

Editor’s Note: Indu Bodala shared this message on the GBHS celebration of Diversity Week video. To view the video, click on

Caitlin Peterson