BMAH Student Perspective

AACPS Magnet Program at GBHS offers students unique field and classroom opportunities

Charu Singh, BMAH Student Council Vice President

As the world continues to evolve, it is important to promote young people to achieve their career goals and become contributing members of society. This can be done by encouraging high school students to participate in magnet programs that will provide specialized skills and opportunities in their fields of interest.

One local magnet program is the STEM/BioMedical Allied Health Program located at GBHS, where students are exposed to a multitude of healthcare-related job shadows, class curriculums focused on the medical field, and like-minded peers dedicated to their academics.

Speaking from experience, I am a current BMAH junior in the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) BioScience pathway and can attest to the advantages of this magnet program. One of my first experiences began before I even entered high school, due to a summer program prior to entry. I opted to join the “Exploring Healthcare Opportunities” program, where I bonded with other magnet students and learned firsthand skills that medical staff employ, such as earning my CPR certification. This summer program provided students with a first glimpse into the rigor and intellectual journey of which magnet programs hold, as well as fun with new classmates and friends.

Some of the other features and benefits of the BMAH program specifically are the specialized curriculum, clubs, and job shadowing opportunities. Students take certain classes, such as PLTW Principles of Engineering, Medical Rounds, and Social Issues, that are only available to BMAH members. These classes introduce students to the different pathways BMAH offers, which are certain sub-programs where students can explore their interests in specific areas.

I opted to join the PLTW BioScience pathway, as I am most interested in learning about the human body and biology-related topics which allows me early exposure to topics related to pursuing a career in the medical field. Additionally, BMAH members can take advantage of clubs that are designed for magnet students to voice their ideas, such as the BMAH Student Council.

Job shadowing opportunities are another feature of BMAH that runs popular among students, for they provide real-world perspectives into medical-related careers. Some examples of job shadow locations that other students and I have attended include, but are not limited to, the Anne Arundel Medical Center, University of Maryland Hospital Shock Trauma Unit, Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center, and the National Electronics Museum.

To conclude, BMAH not only encourages students to dive deeper into their healthcare interests but provides unique opportunities for exploration that help build life skills and interactive education. Information about the BMAH program of study is located by clicking here: AACPS STEM/BMAH Magnet Programs