Teens’ Mental Health Takes a Hit During COVID-19 Closures

Queen Abudu, Reporter

If you suspect that your mental health has declined or has gotten worse during the pandemic, then you’re not alone. The effects of having to stay home have been negative for people all over the world. Teenagers, however, have been particularly mentally affected.

Studies have shown that the effects of the stay-at-home order due to Covid-19 have caused many teenagers and young adults to have an unexpected decrease in mental health, whether or not they had mental health issues to begin with.

“Staying at home for all these months is the main reason for my mental health declining,” said Skyllah Reeves, grade 10 at GBHS

Many people may not have known how badly teenagers and young adults have been affected. This is more than likely because of the fact that many people with mental health issues are good at disguising them and not expressing them.

“My mental health did get a lot worse than it usually was during Covid, but I got pretty good at not showing it,” said Sanai Rowe, grade 10 who attends Abundant Life Christian Academy.

Although there has been an increased decline in mental health, more people are starting to get the care services that they need.

“The number of mental health patients has increased, but the number of people seeking help has also increased because they could stay in the comfort of their homes and receive it,” said Doris Ansah, a psych nurse at Marley Neck Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Some people thought they were alone in the decline of their mental health, but that’s not the case; there are many teenagers and young adults dealing with the same decline all over the world. Disguising what is being dealt with can only get a person so far.

Source: https://www.biologicalpsychiatrycnni.org/article/S2451902220302457/abstract