The Change Nobody Saw Coming

Abenaah Frimpong, Reporter

Silence. All you can hear in high school hallways is silence. No students rushing to class trying to get there on time and no teachers telling kids to quiet down in the lunchroom, just pure silence.

Ever since the spreading of COVID-19, the basic everyday lifestyle of a normal high school teenager has changed, and will never be the same. Not only has it taken a toll on students but believe it or not it’s taken quite a toll on teachers as well. When asked the basic question, “Do you like online learning why or why not?”, each student answered no.

A sophomore, Kori Clarke states that she feels she is being robbed of her high school experience. She feels as though these years are the ones where she can have the most fun and are supposed to prepare her for the future.

The majority of the students feel the same way. They feel as though virtual learning isn’t really learning, they’re simply just doing the assignments and turning them in for a grade. Both Camara and Jalyssa said they miss social interactions. Social interactions are what made school fun, but now you can barely even see your friends unless it’s through facetime.

Not only has this pandemic affected students but it also has affected the teachers as well. Some teachers admit to being upset that students refuse to turn on their cameras. Teachers are forced to have to look at bubbles on a screen and be the only person with their cameras on. This could make them feel alone and upset, and feel as though kids aren’t really listening.

Mrs. Wais, an English teacher says it’s been challenging to teach classes virtually. It’s forced her to rethink ways on how to deliver lessons in an easy and effective way to make sure students are listening and understanding. Wais explained one of the toughest aspects of online teaching — teachers can’t use facial expressions to tell if students understand the material since they usually don’t turn their cameras on. She feels in-person is a better way of learning for students and she is not alone in this opinion.

Amara Allen prefers in-person school learning as well. She says in school better because teachers teach better, and when they teach better she learns better.

Coronavirus has robbed multiple students, teachers, and communities of various things. School is something you never think would just go away like that. When you’re in school you complain about how much you want to leave and go home but now that it’s gone everyone wants to go back. They miss their friends, they miss goofing off, and school activities. It’s crazy to believe we were all sitting in a classroom one day, then poof just like that we were behind screens.

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