The Reality of Virtual Learning

Kaitlin Bergman, Reporter

Students all over the country face online learning due to COVID – 19. Three students from GBHS were asked questions about their feelings and thoughts on this new way of learning.

GBHS student Alivia Mamaril, grade 10, who is now doing full-time virtual learning and having virtual cheerleading on the side has a negative view of this new way of education.

“I honestly don’t really learn anything, or at least not as much as I did when I was in the classroom. It’s hard to stay focused on a computer for hours all week.”

As we all know, there isn’t much we can do about this situation except try your absolute best and wait for all of this to eventually get better.

Mamaril and many other students say that it’s hard to stay focused during class.

“When I’m at home I can’t focus on something that I’m not used to doing at my home. Home is usually the place to get away from stress and school and to relax. I’m not used to using my comfort zone to learn.”

GBHS student Madison Bennett, also in grade 10, plays softball and soccer; she has strong opinions on the effects of virtual school.

“I can never stay focused at all,” she explained. “I can barely keep up with all of the work that is handed out weekly. Virtual learning honestly stresses me out so much that it can affect my mindset. I get so mad at myself when I don’t complete all of my assignments, but there are so many [assignments] due per week and day. I get annoyed and frustrated but all I can do is try.”

As time goes on everyone has gotten better at adapting to this change, but it’s still a difficult change to get used to after years spent physically in a classroom.

“This isn’t going to change any time soon, so I’m trying to improve. Next semester will hopefully be easier since everyone’s getting used to learning this way,” Bennett added.

Glen Burnie High School student Jasmine Vasquez has a different approach to online classes.

“I like being at home during the day and having the freedom that I have with online school. I don’t like how we have so many assignments due but I do like the freedom and the time management that comes with all of it,” said Vasquez.

Many students struggle time with time management, but others do well with it. All three students were asked one final question to wrap up how they felt about online learning.

“If you could go back to school in person right now, would you? And why?”

“Yes, I would go back to school as soon as possible. I miss it so much and I do better in person school. My grades were way better in real school too.” – Alivia Mamaril

“I would go back because being in the house all the time makes my mental health [suffer]. My grades are higher when I’m in school and it’s really hard to keep my grades up virtually” – Madison Bennett

“No, because I don’t like the school environment and my house is my comfort place. School stresses me out physically so virtual school works better for me in general.” -Jasmine Vasquez

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