Minority Report Profile: Leonora King

King is proud of her Filipino heritage


Leonora King

Senior Leonora King

Eliana Amoh, Minority Report Beat Reporter

Even though Leonora King was born in Texas, she has a strong love for her Filipino background. She lived in the Philippines for four years before returning back to the United States. While living in the United States, she still celebrates and enjoys various things about her Filipino culture. For example, she starts celebrating Christmas in September!

Leonora states “We start listening to Christmas music in September, it’s a Filipino tradition. Sometimes we would put up the tree too.” 

As a Filipino tradition, her whole family starts listening to Christmas music and puts up their Christmas tree once September starts. An inspiration to her is her grandfather because of his talented piano and guitar-playing skills.

She aspires to become a musician like her grandfather or pediatrician (which involves her love of children) when she grows up. Therefore, her goals as a junior in Glen Burnie High School is to get straight A’s and learn at least five different instruments.

Choral director Mr. Pinder applauds her work ethic stating “Leonora was a very outgoing student. I enjoyed having her in my class.” King sang in the alto section for three years.

“She worked very hard to do everything well, and she succeeded,” Pinder adds. “It was an honor to have her as a member of the GBHS Chorus.”

King believes the GBHS community has helped her a lot because the majority of the people here show respect toward one another. To her, being in America has given her a chance of working, making money, and ensure food is on her table.

While being in America has been very beneficial to her, she still encounters issues as a minority. Leonora states “I realized it because we get downgraded, like we don’t know anything.”

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She strongly disparages this sentiment; she believes that Filipinos are some of the best workers by their sheer determination, which makes her take even more pride in her background. To break this chain of inequality, she believes that everyone needs to respect each other by learning about each others’ traditions and by helping out one another.

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