Senior Class Shout-Out: Kaylen Zayas

Plans to become a livestock veterinarian one day

Cathryn Cooper, Spring 2020 Staff Reporter

As the seniors matriculated out of GBHS, this year is somewhat darkened by the fact that we never got to say goodbye. Everyone didn’t know March 13 would be their last day on campus and now they must instead say goodbye to GBHS through memories. Throughout this pandemic, it is now a time to remember and acknowledge some of our seniors and their hard work. This spotlight recognizes senior Kaylen Zayas. 

While her entire four years of high school is filled with hundreds of memories, her favorite memory is the homecoming game and the homecoming dance. Homecoming Week is one of the best weeks at Glen Burnie.

Zayas also said she is going to miss the staff at GBHS. While, teachers throughout all 12 years give us support, high school teachers provide us with something more. High School teachers provide help and advice with outside problems and guide us towards our future path. After high school is stressful and unknown for many seniors, and GBHS teachers are very helpful and are very close to our hearts.

Even though her time at GBHS was truncated slightly, she was still able to accomplish much. She said “I am proud to have achieved graduation from BMAH and high school.” Kaylen was actually part of the prom planning committee, so it’s unsurprising that one of the things she was most anticipating was prom. “I was most looking forward to prom, senior retreat, and having my family see me cross the stage.”

 While she won’t be able to experience some of the most anticipated events a senior looks forward to, she wants to offer advice to her fellow GBHS underclassmen. Her advice to the class of 2021 is: “Don’t get discouraged, you can’t have a rainbow with a little rain.” 

Kaylen is now preparing to move on to greener pastures…literally. Her future plan is to become a livestock veterinarian by going to AACC and transferring to a four year university. We know whatever and wherever Kaylen goes, we know she will do great.