Congratulations to Senior Class President Aaron Miller

Plans to study Secondary Education and History at Salisbury University

Elaine Caternor, Spring 2020 Staff Reporter

Senior 2020 Class President Aaron Miller (Lifetouch)

His time at Glen Burnie High School consisted of participating in Dance Company and creating amazing connections and relationships with teachers. Senior Class President of “the one with the quarantine” 2020, Aaron Miller was inducted into the National Honor Society his sophomore year and was awarded Student of the Month twice.

Being the senior class president required him to take part in all the senior events; he was involved in the planning of prom, graduation, senior awards and many other events. 

Aaron’s favorite GBHS memory was being a part of a dance company. He enjoyed attending the galas, festivals and winter and spring dance concerts. “Festival and gala were my favorite ‘season’ as we call it in dance because I love performing. I loved seeing other dance teachers and dancers from the other schools in the county,” he explained. 

Aaron’s dance journey started in 6th grade at Marley Middle School. His dance teacher at the time was Ms. Nicole Demings who is now the dance specialist for AACPS. He spent 2 years on dance company and was a part of the Dance Club and Junior Dance Company with Ms. Wirth. 

He has not made a final decision on if he would like to be a part of the dance company at his college. “I am taking a modern dance class either my Fall or Spring semester my freshman year.” Aaron will be attending Salisbury University to study Secondary Education and History. He hopes to get a job in AACPS and possibly work at GBHS.

“I am still going back and forth with if I want to be on the Dance Company at Salisbury, I think I will know for a fact once I get on to campus.”

Aaron’s dream is to return and teach Dance at GBHS.  “I want to be the teacher who shakes up the school and makes it better and I want to get my future students involved and build an amazing relationship with my students as I did with my teachers at GBHS,” he shared.

Aaron was looking forward to the senior award ceremony and the graduation ceremony. “I was planning on celebrating graduation on an 8-day Carnival Cruise out of Florida into Mexico with my family but unfortunately Carnival ended up canceling our cruise. So, I haven’t thought much of what I am going to do yet. I am waiting to see what happens with everything.” 


Aaron’s advice to the class of 2021: “Go to football games, go to homecoming, volunteer at school, go to the plays and dance shows, and live up high school as much as you can cause it can be ripped away from you just like it was for me and my classmates.”

 “Glen Burnie High School has changed so much over my years of being there. It has changed for the better. My freshman year was very rough for myself and the school. We did not have a good reputation in the Anne Arundel County community.”

“I think we made great improvements when Mr. McGuire came. He really cares about the school and the students as well as our community. I can say GBHS is an amazing place to be. My experience at GB has shown me who and what I want to be in life. Ever since kindergarten I have wanted to be a teacher and I have grown up with amazing teachers, but the teachers in high school are different, they are a different kind of teachers. In fact, the best kind we have. I’ve had teachers like Ms. Burdette, Ms. Patel, Mr. McCamon, Ms. Spano and many more. They were my teachers and role models when they needed to be and even some great friends when I needed some. I know I can always look up to them. They really paved the way of the person and teacher I want to become in the future.”