The Book Burrow #3: The Illuminae Files


Autumn Renee, Writer

Note: Hi! 😀 Yes I know it says this was written in February, but due to some scheduling difficulties its posting had to be postponed. Don’t worry though, there will still be a March post coming soon! Now, on to the review!


Hello fellow readers! We’re back with another selection from the Book Burrow! As you know, February is the month of love (just imagine me wiggling my eyebrows (: ). Valentine’s day is a staple holiday of the month, and people are often seen walking around school with teddy bears or heart balloons (though I’d love it if someone explained the appeal of balloons to me because I don’t get it. They just end up deflating and the gift barely lasts two weeks). So to honor this traditional holiday, I thought we’d talk about a special little space romance book that I’m personally fond of called the Illuminae Files!


Title: The Illuminae Files

Authors: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Age recommendation: 15+. There’s a bit of foul language and some sexual jokes thrown around here and there, as well as violence.

Number of pages: 608


If romance novels are off putting or boring to you, don’t worry. Romance is not the center of focus here. In fact, the novel is actually a science fiction novel set in a colonized solar system 500 years in the future. There is plenty of action and plot twists here, so buckle your seat belts because the ride gets WILD. Another very interesting thing about the book is it’s not told in traditional prose or writing; instead, the book is set up to look like a stack of documents from a case file. The story is told through interview and video transcripts, emails, instant messages, photographs, diary entries and announcements. This may take place in the distant future, but the layout of the story as well as the content really makes it feel like you’re watching it happen unfold right in front of you – that’s how realistic and detailed it is despite its setting! 

Not only is the layout interesting, but the writing itself is talented as well. The authors have taken many traditional and modern science fiction cliches and twisted them on their heads to make them revitalized and interesting. I was a big fan of how they twisted traditional tropes and added gasp – worthy plot twists to the plotline; however, the flow of the story can get confusing at times. This is to no real fault of the writer, rather, it is the twisting of the storyline and the blur between rumor and what’s really happening that the characters must identify that makes the path sometimes confusing. I believe, however, that this was quite possibly the author’s intention and I highly suggest still reading the book even if this sounds intimidating. It will truly keep you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails, trying to figure out what’s happening, what’s in store, and how they’ll ever fix the problems that keep spiraling out of control as they travel through space. 

And the romance, might I add, is not too shabby. The relatableness of the characters makes it all the more interesting. 😉

The book can be purchased online on Amazon, but for a cheaper method, come check it out at our own school library.