Testing Season Begins Soon

Students in 10th grade English get advice on preparing for state-mandated testing

Mark Shadid, Staff Reporter

The English 10 PARCC  is now called the MCAP.  The Maryland Department of Education (MDE) designed a new version of the PARCC last summer. Students must pass this mandatory assessment in order to graduate high school.

According to Drew Jabin of the Maryland Association of Counties,  MDE thought PARCC was too long and not flexible enough for schools.

“This is a big deal,” says Junior, Fernando Alvarado.

Since the MCAP is right around the corner for Sophomores, here is some advice from Juniors to help you out on the exam.

First of all, since essays make up a large score percentage, students should write using several formal, organized paragraphs which directly answer the question prompt.  Mrs. Peterson, a former tenth grade English teacher, explained “The essays are the most important part of the PARCC (now MCAP) exam.”

Second, the night before the test you need to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep because your mind will respond quicker and better on test day when it’s well rested.

Mrs. Wais, a tenth grade English teacher, stressed “sleep is vital before the test for optimal brain function.”

Third, on test day it is important that you have a nutritious breakfast that can wake you up and keep you awake throughout the test.

Junior, Hunter Hardesty, said “a good breakfast in the morning is what gives me energy throughout any test I take.”

Wais added,”Students should wake up a little earlier than usual so students can make a breakfast filled with protein, whole grains, and fruit.”

Lastly, during the test you will get breaks in between each section and you are going to be exhausted and hungry, so take advantage of it and make sure you bring nutritious snacks to eat throughout your breaks.

Good luck to everyone taking the test, and remember that a test does not define how smart you are.  Just do your best and make it a great day, Gophers!