A Life On The Run


Joan Howard, Reporter

Ms. Kelso is a tenth-grade language arts teacher, as well as a coach; a very popular one at that. She has a gracious heart and is one of the best kept secrets of Glen Burnie High School. She has been a beaker of support for all students.

Most people cannot say that they have ran a marathon which is 26.2 miles long. Well, this woman has ran multiple! The one that is is closest to her heart is the Boston Marathon. She first got into running in high school in her freshman year and soon found it to be her escape from the world. In Delaware, she made a lifetime bond with her coach and her passion for running blossomed into longer races. I asked Ms. Kelso why she went on to run so many marathons and she simply said, “Three miles wasn’t enough.”

Coach Kelso finishes the CA International Marathon

A life on the run landed her a scholarship at Albright College. She was able to use her pain to manifest something great. In 2004, she gave coaching a try and fell in love with it and has never stopped. Kelso took this as a challenge. She ran marathons in hopes that she would qualify for the Boston Marathon. With hard work and determination, she was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon not once but twice.

With a wide spread of training techniques, who wouldn’t want her as a teacher? Kelso has a diverse training experience from uphill training to speed and of course, long distance. So, it’s safe to say that she has done it all or will do it all and has the strength to do so.

They say that when you work hard, that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. Without a doubt, we can say that she’s fallen going up the hills she has ran up preparing. Practice makes perfect. Also, she has ran 80 miles every week, so check on sweat. And the tears came in at the starting line of her Boston Marathon race.

“Ms. Kelso is a great coach for multiple reasons,” explains Saidai Stuteley, a senior who has been on indoor and outdoor track, as well as cross country all four years. Stuteley describes her as kind, hardworking and also misunderstood.

“What contributes to Kelso being a great coach is her experience and versatility. Her being a marathon runner helps [us] a lot with her teaching track,” adds Stuteley.