NHS Coffee Cart 2019

Have you ever encountered the celebratory coffee cart?

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the holiday season. To pump up the festivity and keep our teachers nice and toasty this winter, the National Honors Society brought around the beloved coffee cart! Suited with spirit week gear, the members of the NHS prepared their route and gained positive attention from many students. Other treats were also handed out earlier on this day of December 17th.

Students, specifically NHS students, assisted and moved the cart through the hallways, and delivered many goodies to our hard-working teachers.

These members pictured were all active participants, helping the event be even more successful.

It was obvious that many teachers thought that the gesture was incredibly kind.

Thank you, NHS students!

Mrs. Brown, a mighty popular science teacher in GB, (pictured left) helped with the whole event.

Mrs. Wais, an English teacher, and Mrs. Ericho, a Science teacher, (both pictured right) also were involved in the celebration. These teachers even stopped to take a cheerful image with Mrs. Brown!