Veterans Day Guest Speaker

Mr. Terry Reynolds visits Mrs. Wais' English 10 students on Veterans Day 2019

Mr. Terry Reynolds visits Mrs. Wais’ English 10 students on Veterans Day 2019

Jaelyn Aytch, Reporter

Mr. Terry Reynolds is a retired veteran who was kind enough to share his story with some of the students at Glen Burnie High School. He grew up with a mother and father who were both farmers. Sadly, his father only had a sixth grade education, so as a young child, Mr. Reynolds was taught to take advantage of his education opportunities.

Reynolds mentioned that he wasn’t the top student in his class, but he did do pretty well in school  because he always tried. Now, let us fast forward in his life to his upper levels of education, where change in his life takes place. College is where he had met his wife.

When he had met his wife, she was already a part of the military. This encouraged him to get into the military. His wife served 8 years total, but he continued to serve. What a coincidence that Mr. Reynolds joined the military on June 6th, 1984, which is also known as D-day.

Mr. Reynolds shared that while he was in the military that his favorite part was being able to travel the world. To go along with traveling the world: he learned to speak 3 different languages. He also shared with us some of the perks of being in the military. Benefits such as Medical, Dental, Shop exclusives, etc. all tag along with him due to his remarkable service.

While in the military, Mr. Reynolds shared that he worked with lots of people, including people who work in finance, writing, and even people to find homes for the soldiers. This is impressive, and overall shows Reynolds good character.

Mr. Reynolds has been on the war ground multiple times. He shared with us that every time he would go to war, he would carry a little American flag with him that has the year and the location on the side. Reynolds was asked, “Did you ever think of giving up?” and he responded saying of course no doubt. One of his biggest things was doubting himself but every time he would do that, he would reassure himself along with his wife to just keep pushing.

While serving, he got the opportunity to work directly for 2 presidents! He worked directly with Mr. Bush and Mr. Barack Obama. Mr. Reynolds and his family got invited to meet Mr. Barack Obama and his wife Ms Michelle. This is incredible! Not many get to speak one on one with a president.

Mr. Reynolds enjoyed working in the military because of the opportunities but the job has its negatives. A negative he shared was not being able to be there for his children as much, as he misses their games and school events, but he gives all credit to his wife for being there for their kids. But all together,  Mr. Reynolds served 35+ years in the military and he is now retired. Mr. Reynolds has won awards along the way, but one of his favorites is the Legion of Merit.

Reynolds shared with us a great story of him, his life and his experience in the military but a question most of us as students had was “ What did you learn from being in the military?”  Mr. Terry Reynolds responded and said the military had taught him to be respectful and how to support and be kind to others.

We at Glen Burnie High School really appreciate Mr. Terry Reynolds for sharing his story with us, his service to our country, and teaching us how to never give up when things get hard.