Teacher Profile: Meet Mrs. W-B

Megan Weber

Situated in the English department; teaching hundreds of students, all while shaping them at the same time.

Mrs. Wenerick-Bell, commonly known as Mrs. W-B, is a popular Language Arts teacher here at Glen Burnie High School. She is mainly known for teaching Speech and Debate, Academic Writing, as well as AP Language and Composition. This year, Mrs. W-B is also teaching English 11 in place of the English electives.

One thing that many students focus on when it comes to Mrs. W-B is her caring and understanding nature, yet so many people already acknowledge this about her! Even as an adult, she can bond with adolescents well. These students tend to look up to Mrs. W-B as a parental figure rather than just simply a teacher. While it is possible that she is one of your favorite teachers, or perhaps you don’t know her at all, let’s delve deeper into the mindset of a teacher!

People describe her as caring and hardworking which tracks with her own views of herself being funny, passionate, and committed. Putting up with the constant load of schoolwork, she believes her thoroughness and loyalty strengthen her. Teaching comes into play when it comes to getting involved with these attributes. Teaching has always been a part of her life, as she has declared that it is so natural to her due to her childhood experiences. 

While in school she is very busy and gets worn down due to all of the work, at home she is the exact opposite. Mrs. W-B wants to do a better job at balancing work with home. While teaching is such a positive factor in her life, she still has her own struggles, but she finds light through her strengths. 

Her greatest achievements involve being a mother and having the teaching career she has now. She says that parenting and teaching are hugely similar, requiring honesty, consistency, and more. Even with these two factors to deal with daily, she motivates herself with the quote by Michael Phelps: “You have to stay in the pool.”

Mrs. W-B loves helping children in ways that are more than just academic. For example, creating a safe space for students is one of her goals. Her room holds such a comforting environment; adorned with silly, welcoming posters and bright, colorful decorations. The shelves are filled with personal care products, tissues, and even simple things like pencils and pens; all meaningful things that shows that she cares about her students. Every section of her room is a safe space, with not a single intimidating aspect in sight. Teaching has taught her so much about acceptance and diversity to the point that she believes that she has learned a lot more as a teacher than she did as a student! 

Even her own students, such as Tianna Taylor and Rachel Frank, have both noted that W-B is a loving and positive soul; always talkative and sweet to everyone she speaks with. Many claim that she is a good role model. Past students such as Anna Reckard and Haley Marnette believe she is an extremely well-spoken person. Students who have never met her should definitely engage in a conversation with her.

She knows she will be teaching in her future, however, she doesn’t know how long it will continue. If she could have only one hobby to continue for the rest of her life, it would be writing creative non-fiction. Perhaps that’ll be her big career after teaching! Grateful for her students and her experiences, teaching shapes her entire life. Meet Mrs. W-B. This is the Mrs. W-B you should know about and love.