The Book Burrow

The Book Burrow

Autumn S., Reporter

As November begins, the weather grows colder, the nights longer, and school breaks come closer and closer each day… why not crack open a good book to keep you company during the long nights as vacations approach? This novel is sure to give you the internal chills and quiet beauty that we feel and see externally around us as November begins and opens its pages of times to us. Now it’s time to open our own pages. 

Title: More Than This

Author: Patrick Ness

Age recommendation: 14+ 

Number of pages: 480

As much as I hate to say it (as people who describe books like this usually get on my nerves), this is definitely one of those books that’s better going into it without knowing much. This is truly a genre-bender of astronomical proportions. Flowing between contemporary, thriller, LGBTQ+, dystopian and scifi, this story is full of little breadcrumb trails that lead you to the most unexpected places (literally and metaphorically!).

The story is also full of relatable and flawed characters, making it so that no matter who is reading it, they are sure to find a piece of themselves tucked away inside each character. This story seeks to question everything you know about death, the afterlife, and empathy, and it does exceptionally well. Not to mention, the cover art is geometrically beautiful!

It should be noted, however, that the book contains mentions and acts of both abuse and suicide, so if you are sensitive to these topics let this serve as a trigger warning for you. Despite the dark aspects, however, this book is well worth the read! It is available in our school’s media center; however, if you would like your own personal copy, it is available on Amazon for $10.