Interact Club Offers Students Community Connections

Mya Carter and Kayla Acevedo-Pinkard, Interact Club Reporters

Do you love helping people, being creative and a part of a team? Interact club is the club to join!

Did you know that you can gain service learning hours by showing up? Also, we have partnered up with Public Service 1 and 2, and the Signature program.  So, if you want to develop leadership skills and be a part of a great team, join the club so you can learn how.

Through activities with the Interactive Club, students benefit from creating a stronger connection with your community.

Wouldn’t you like a say in what happens with your school? You’ll be up to date with the incoming school events and/or with making new school events that can possibly be held annually for future students.

Please come meet with us in O306 on Wednesdays during Gopher 35.