A Doodler’s Dream in the Media Center


Megan Weber, Reporter

Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math? Do you want to get involved in more activities that reflect these interests? Well, you are in lots of luck! There is a new program that has been introduced to Glen Burnie High School’s library. This program is referred to as “Tinker Totes” and allows students to check out a kit full of fun materials and also allows them to bring it home for a specific period of time to play with and explore. 

Not only students but families are encouraged to use these great kits as an awesome opportunity to learn and get to do something new! Each kit has different materials and an intriguing purpose, yet all remain to educate in order to satisfy any creative need. However, let us focus on one of the artistic kits which is provided.

One of the kits that is provided in the program is the Doodle Drawing Kit. It comes with four helpful books that instruct on how to properly design and create patterns along with: six micron pens of different sizes, twenty-one watercolor brush pens, and even consumable paper. The variety of items was truly amazing and impressive! I loved the diversity found in this kit as it gave me a lot of ability to create artwork that I wouldn’t have been able to with just regular materials at home. 

Perhaps not everyone will be impressed by the materials that are provided, but that emphasizes the concept of the different kits to choose from. If you are not as interested in art, you may want to check out the electronic kits, or even something as crazy as the bath bomb kit. 

The Doodle Drawing Kit has so many materials, but it was always fun to use. While the bag itself was a hassle to carry, it was worth having in the end. It was incredibly simple to lug around due to the easy storage and the ability to have all of the materials compacted together.

Are big bags not your thing? Not every kit is placed in a big bag: some are even put in small boxes. Always try to work with what is best for you!

If this motivated you to check out a kit, come on down to the Media Center as soon as possible! Get a permission slip form from Ms. Sporre at the front desk and sign and return it in order to obtain any kit that is available! Beware, though! Some kits are messy and require a lot of responsibility. Make sure to take good care of these beneficial kits and pay proper attention because there are replacement fees for missing items, and some products may contain allergens. Besides that, make sure you enjoy yourself and the discoveries that you make while using these kits. Happy exploring!