Check Out Fun Kits for Free

Augustus Merson, Staff Reporter

Attention all students, if you would like to explore your interests in subjects such as Technology, Art, Music, and Science, then the Tinker Totes program is perfect for you! Tinker Totes is a new program at GBHS that allows students to check out one or more kits through the Media Center with Ms. Sporre.

All kits come placed inside of a red and cream colored canvas bag, each bag is labeled with a laminated tag on the outside to identify the kit which is inside of it. Some kits are packaged differently than others, and most come with many components and/or little pieces. If you fail to return a kit unbroken or retaining all of its pieces, you must pay a replacement fee. 

The kit that I chose to check out for this review is the Little Bits: Korg Synth Kit. This kit includes twelve “bits” which can be magnetically linked, allowing you to construct your own miniature synthesizer. My experience was extremely fun, and provided a variety of enjoyment. I found myself turning every dial on the oscillators and making sci-fi laser sounds! This kit is highly addictive and provides hours of entertainment. 

To check out these kits, a student must take home a permission slip to be signed by a parent or guardian, this permission slip also comes with a packet which contains information about the different kits available and what they contain. After the permission slip has been signed, the students are allowed to check out a kit for a period of up to 3 weeks. 

There are many more kits that are available for checkout, really something for everyone.  Stop by the Media Center main desk for a permission form soon. Tell her Gus sent you! Have fun!