Pet of the Week: Introducing Simba

Staff Reporters

Tiffany Addis

Meet Sophomore Tiffany Addis’ playful cat, Simba. He’s about 2 and a half years old.  He really likes playing with dogs and other cats.  Tiffany shared that he “…[cries] like a baby when I shut him out of my room.”

Simba also enjoys jumping up onto people to be held.  She explains that  “he kinda just perches himself on your shoulder like a parrot to give you all the love he can. He’s super sweet and is definitely my little baby.”





Meet Callie, a one-year old rescue cat.  Callie belongs to Sophomore Madison Harden, who says she loves to cuddle in the mornings, “but when I get home from school she gets really hyper and runs around; she wants to play.”

Callie was one of three kittens spotted living off the highway near Aberdee

n Proving Grounds.  Now she is fearful of going outside.

Madison shares that Callie gets silly inside:  she climbs up on the window curtains in the living room and loves to play with a ball on a string.

Callie prefers human food to her cat food. She’s eaten hot wings, salad, soda, and spaghetti.