Summer 2019 Festivals

Jacob Nyankale, Reporter

Summer is around the corner, and I know that you and your family want to visit some places and have fun. Sometimes, some families would get tired of going to the same trite locales like Six Flags and the mall all the time where they quickly run out of novel things to do. Let’s be frank. This is Maryland. Aside from crabs and losing baseball teams, there aren’t many things to do here.

Well that’s what it may seem like, but there are actually quite a lot of things to do. The problem is nobody knows where to find a list of places. So, selflessly, earnestly, and with no expectation of reward or compensation, I have put together a list of places to go to this summer.

MD Food Truck Festival:

92Q Spring Bling Festival (even though Cardi B is wild cancelled):

NIH Workshop on Imaging Inflammation and its Resolution in Health and Disease:

Maryland Foodie Festival: