Bubba’s 33 Restaurant Review

Hunter Hardesty and Ben Huntzinger, Reporters

By Hunter Hardesty and Ben Huntzinger

Have you guys heard of Bubba’s 33? Are you looking for a food-service job in a lively setting? Well, Bubba’s 33 might be the perfect restaurant for you. Bubba’s 33 is a new restaurant in Glen Burnie and it is the first Bubba’s 33 in Maryland. This restaurant has a chill vibe with a great dining experience, and a bar with special drinks and great appetizers on the other side. It also has a crazy amount of TVs (47 to be exact).

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very comfortable and welcoming to all with your typical bar food and sports on all the TV’s. From an interview of one of our teachers, Ms. Stavely, she said that “there is a lot of movement” and there is a lot of energy from all the people talking, plus there’s energetic music playing in the background.

The employees at Bubba’s are all great. The managers are very funny and make working fun for a change said Courtney Haynes, a hourly manager at Bubba’s 33. Most employees work 3-8 p.m. shifts and there are always shifts to pick up, explained Haynes. There are jobs still available and all applications can be found at https://careers.texasroadhouse.com/page/show/b33-careers.

Bubba’s 33 has food for everyone. Bubba’s has a very diverse and well-rounded menu that includes pizza, burgers, salads, sandwiches, seafood, a lot of appetizers and some desserts. According to Ms. Stavely, you get your money’s worth. She added “the food is all fresh and the prices are not too expensive.”


Bubba’s 33 is located right off Ritchie Highway and a few minutes from school. This is a great work environment for students. Based off the great atmosphere, location, managers and food, this is a great new restaurant to apply for a position.

Are you wondering if Bubba’s 33 offer any discounts? Well yes they do. If you are an employee, you get a 30 percent discount on food when you eat there and a 10 percent discount on food when you carry out. In addition you get 25 percent off Bubba’s 33 uniforms.

Bubba’s 33 is also a great community restaurant. They care about the citizens of Glen Burnie and surrounding areas. For example when they were a few weeks from opening in December, they donated all the food that they made from training to local homeless shelters and law enforcement buildings as well.

Overall Bubba’s 33 gets a thumbs up for its atmosphere, culture, food, work environment, managers and character that help make the restaurant great. Just like the manager Kristina Nye said,”it is going to blow up in history”.