Author Jason Reynolds Comes to GBHS


Michael Kaplan

Author Jason Reynolds and Ms. Sporre, Media Specialist at GBHS

Eva Cornwell, Reporter

LitCon Volume 1

On March 13th, 2019, schools around the county came to Glen Burnie High and joined together for the first annual Literary Conference, also known as LitCon Volume 1. Selected Students were given the chance to skype with authors, do an escape room inspired by A Long Way Day Down, learn about nonfiction writing, or how graphic novels were made.

After, author Jason Reynolds, most famous for books such as Boy in The Black Suit, All American Boys, and recently Miles Morales: Spiderman, spoke to the freshmen class about the importance of reading while keeping it casual and fun.

He said that it was important for teachers to emphasize that becoming a writer is something that kids can do, and that stories that come from diverse background are needed.

His big message for students: “Excellence is a habit,” he told Burrow Editor, Kaplan.

LitCon participants received ChickFilA and talked about what they got out of the LitCon. Overall, the experience was well received and we hope to host many more in the future.

Special thank you to Jason Reynolds, for coming to speak to us; Mrs. Sporre, the media specialist, for creating this events; every author that Skyped and taught us about the writing process and talked about their books; and to every donor, teacher, and volunteer who made this event possible.