Student Voice Contest

by Jacob Nyankale

As you know every year around spring time, GBHS hosts many events and competitions that students of all ages and grade levels can participate in. One of those events is centered around the topic of diversity, which will be the main topic for one week.

The reason for diversity week is to promote acceptance and understanding of our differences in order to unite us together as one.   As part of diversity week all students will be able to participate in a sponsored event, where you can express your perspective on diversity, your own heritage, or your own personal identity.

Acceptable entries can include poetry/short stories, narrative songs/visual arts, spoken word (recorded) and dance (recorded).  All entries are due by March 27 to B109. Winners will be announced at the student vs. staff basketball game on March 29.  

For more information on how you can get involved, email Mr. Burns at [email protected]