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Skye Hatchell and Erin Miller

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The Blood Drive 

The blood drive is a nationwide community drive that revolves around collecting blood for causes such as national emergencies, surgeries, and other deceases caused by blood. We won’t be focusing on the worlds blood drive but instead well be focusing on our school, Glen Burnie high. We have the highest amount of given blood in the country and region, which makes our community very prideful and our teachers very proud. The blood drive helps millions of people a year and thanks to our amazing students they have an enormous amount of blood by the time their done here. 

Last year the goal set here was 50 units a day going by the fact that the blood drive only happens for 2 days and 3 times a year. Last year they not only met their goal, but they got over the amount of the goal. We spoke to Mr. Woods the organizer for the blood drive and we asked him a variety of questions. We asked what he believe the purpose of the blood drive was and he responded by saying “The purpose is to collect as many pints as you can to help the Anne Arundel community, it really exposes our athletes to areas to support our community and everything.” We also asked how he felt as his students were pulled from class for the event, He responded with “As a teacher I can see the student might be upset but they can always say no please pull me from another classify they have a test or something and a lot of teachers around here are supportive and flexible and help us out they also donate their own.” Then we asked whether he supported the blood drive which was an obvious quest prideful in his students and the athletes that are recruited to help with the event.  

Legally the blood drive can only be held every 56 days because otherwise is taking too much blood from the body and can result in injuries. We continued asking questions and after that we made numerous stops to different teachers for their opinion on the drive as well. The interview had the most impact was Mr. Mcanon. When asked what he felt when his students were pulled, he responded with “I am proud of them” and when asked if he supports the blood drive he answered with “I do support the blood drive, I mean me personally no because I’ll pass out. But I think it’s wonderful specifically and I can say this from experience when my 2 daughters were born, and one needed some fluids or something it was nice to know that was there you see firsthand for them to live.” Although many other questions were asked these answered the main question of: What is the purpose of the blood drive.  

After many interviews with many teachers I’ve concluded that the purpose of the blood drive is simply to support our community and help make the world a better place by saving lives and giving up something that’s so needed. Me personally I thin k the blood drive is a very important event not only to our community but to the region because its much needed and just a nice thing to see my fellow peers and I do look forward to donating blood as soon as we come of age! The next blood drive is set to take place in February. 


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