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Our Take on the Pep Rally!

Indu Bodala, Maryjane Williams, Izzy Josendale, Michael Baffour-Awuah, and Eliana Amoah
October 12, 2021

After a long year of isolation during the Pandemic, students were awaiting the Pep Rally anxiously. The need for cheers and happiness intertwined with the spirit of unity was dire. The pep rally was far from perfect, there was a lack of time for the event itself and some of the activities were...

Ameena Misbahou-Jalloh, Reporter
May 19, 2021

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester and gopher alumni, Daniel Gregory, survived gunshot injuries by a man who intentionally drove into a crowd of BLM protesters in Seattle, Washington on June 7, 2020. Gregory's acts to save the crowd, running alongside a car and grabbing the driver's steering wheel, were broadcast worldwide. Speaking via Google Meet live from Seattle to the Signature Classes at GBHS,...

Eliana Amoh, Minority Beat Reporter
May 3, 2021

Seniors’ emotions can range from relief to worry, especially in this pandemic year, since many may not know their post-graduation career or college. According to a survey done by the California Education Lab at the University of California, Davis, nearly 90% of California High School Seniors in the Spring of 2020 reported some level of worry about their personal health and well-being. By...

Scott McGuire, Principal
May 1, 2021

Seniors will graduate at 3:30 on June 10 at Crofton High School. Each senior will receive two tickets for their invited guests. Parking will be limited. More information is posted on the AACPS' website: http:/

BMAH Student Perspective

Charu Singh, BMAH Student Council Vice President
April 29, 2021

As the world continues to evolve, it is important to promote young people to achieve their career goals and become contributing members of society. This can be done by encouraging high school students to participate in magnet programs that will provide specialized skills and opportunities in their fields...

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